The 47th International Art Biennale of Venice is subject of Enzo Grappas report in this video. Developed in co-operation with clubmedia Istanbul and Stiftung Starke, Berlin this media project was commissioned for the 1997 Biennale as the official contribution. An early exposition dealing mainly with internet and art. The technical support was covered by dART MEDIA.

A video documentation (DVD) from Enzo Grappa about the exhibition "Bilder - pictures" from Ernst Volland at the "Deutsches Historisches Museum" in Berlin (2005). At this time the artist dealt intensively with blurred photographs.

Yoko Onoยด s surely most ambitious work, the outdoor sculpture Freight Train is a German boxcar riddled by about 4000 gunshots. The not harmless preparation of this art work was realized at a former military airport of the Warzaw pact and has been videotaped exclusively by Enzo Grappa for the Starke Art Foundation Berlin. Curator Joerg Starke was the organizer of the entire installation and the Freight Train Video was shown during this Yoko Ono 2000 exhibition in Berlin.

Galerie Buesch in Berlin belongs to one of the oldest customers of dART . In 1975 Karin Buesch discovered the avantages of professional made film & video documentations of her current exhibitions and artist interviews. Now, many art DVD documentaries are available to interested art collectors.