Enzo Grappa

Enzo Grappa established dART MEDIA tv & video productions in 1991. In 1993 the well-knowntv-entertainer and journalist Ken Jebsen joined the film & tv company. Together they created in co-production with ZDF (the second largest public tv network in Germany) the "Mondschein Show". This was broadcast for more than 6 months every saturday night. Besides his job as the managing director of dART MEDIA Enzo Grappa even workes as cameraman, editor and writer. Enzo Grappa has been the sole proprietor of dART MEDIA since 2001. He is also employed as an Audio Engineer at the public radio & tv station RBB (Radio Berlin Brandenburg) formerly SFB Sender Freies Berlin since 1971. Sept.2009 Enzo Grappa founded the first WebTV in Koh Samui Thailand (with Ritchie Newton ) in German & English language. Currently dART MEDIA is responsible for the entire production of Samui WebTV in Ko Samui Thailand.